In-depth industry research, deep insight into trends,

systematic layout, value investment

Fund Scale

Founded in 2014, Yunqi Partners currently manages two USD funds, one RMB fund and one special fund, with asset totaling billions of RMB.

Yunqi Partners boasts a professional investment team whose members come from diversified backgrounds, industries and fields, and possess rich experience in investment, industry and the Internet. These team members have joined Yunqi Partners from IDG Captial, GGV Capital, Google, Microsoft Research Asia (MSRA), Baidu, FOXCONN, Schneider Electric, Roland Berger Strategy Consultants, PwC and other leading companies, and have invested in hundreds of Chinese and the U.S. innovative enterprises.

Headquartered in Shanghai, Yunqi Partners has offices in Beijing and Shenzhen.

Our Focus

Yunqi Partners commits itself to looking for technology-centered Chinese and the U.S. startups in their start-up
and growth stages. It aspires to provide outstanding entreprenures with all sorts of resources support, including funds,
knowledge, experience and post-investment services.

Yunqi Partners closely follows investment opportunities brought by new technologies and new model-driven industry
and consumption upgrading, and invests widely in IoT, robot, Big Data and cloud computing, SaaS enterprise service,
industrial Internet (including B2B trading platforms), fintech and other industries.

Its portfolios feature almost 60 outstanding Chinese and the U.S. startups, including, ICE KREDIT,
PingCAP,, ZILLIZ,,, Baibu,,, and

Our Vision

Industrial Rooting, Trend Insight, Systematic Layout, Value Investment

Upholding a philosophy of research-driven investment in top-class investment institutions, Yunqi Partners has focused itself on technology industry, made systematic layout for startups worthy of long-term trust, and adhered to the cause of value investment.

Yunqi Partners aspires to discover start-up teams with professional backgrounds and outstanding implementation capabilities, provide them with funds, knowledge, experience, post-investment services and various other resource support, and work with entreprenuers to realize their grand dreams.

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