Entrepreneur Testimony

Fund Scale

Yunqi Partners (Yunqi) was founded in 2014. Our company manages one USD Fund and two RMB Funds, estimating around 2 billion RMB under management. Among the investors of Yunqi there are successful entrepreneurs from TMT, mobile phone accessory manufacturing, financial services, advertising, video entertainment, and senior managements from Tencent, Alibaba, Baidu and Focus Media.

Our Focus

Yunqi pays close attention to any investment opportunities brought by new technologies, new model-related industrial upgrades, and consumer upgrades. We focus on the investments on Internet of Things (IoT), robotics, Big data, cloud computing services, and artificial intelligence (AI) and fintech. Yunqi is committed to searching for high-quality start-up companies which are in their early and growth stages.

Our Vision

We hope to look for entrepreneurial teams with a professional background and strong execution ability to provide them with funding and a variety of resources to support and help these entrepreneurs grow and make their dreams become a reality.

In-depth industry research, deep insight into trends, systematic layout, value investment

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